What is ClanRPG?

ClanRPG will be a tool for easily creating Role Playing Games released under LGPL, or RPGs. You only need to provide the plot, and some artwork if you wish, and ClanRPG will take care of everything else.

Planned features include multiplayer and single-player modes, a modular graphics engine, music and sound effect support, easy definition of your own items, and total customizability of everything in your game, from the cost of articles, effects of weapons to all the speech and AI of the NPCs (non-player characters). You define your entire game in Lua scripts and resource files, so no waiting for compilations. Also, once the project is complete, there will be a library of creatures, weapons, and other things to help make your RPG complete. Plus, game files will be playable, without modification, on any OS on which you can compile Lua and ClanLib, which includes Linux, Windows, BSD, and others.

We really need help in this project. If you are interested you can join the developers' mailing list. Just don't forget to check the previous messages!

Development status

I'm starting to work on the gui for the inventory and other dialogs. I plan to use ClanGUI with an interface with lua scripts to control it.